[ABD]UsersOwnSmileys 1.0

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[ABD]UsersOwnSmileys 1.0

Post by CopperTool »

Title: Smiley Selector

Description: Any type of selected menu in witch any member Registered, or Hidden, may use a type of menu that will drop down when you are editing your Profile, to select your own smiley(s). If accepted the Smiley Selector forum can or could be made below your signature text box while editing your profile. The smiley uploading for members should be set to 5-10, to eliminate any spamming problems of any kind. The members should also be allowed to delete any smiley to make room for another one.

Reason: To let the forum members select there own smiley(s), and upload any kind they want. This will also be much easier on the forum Admin, instead of the Admin having to upload smilies for forum members they can upload some from there own computer. Witch will also take more stress off the administrator.

Additional Notes: This does not yet have a download link. I will update this and post a download link for you once I have been told that my MOD is going to be confirmed by phpBB hacks, for them to put up.

FeedBack: You can reply with good/bad/helpful feedback. If you think somthing more could be done or less, just tell me. I will accept all of you.

Where: This MOD should be being accepted by phpBBhacks.com.

edit: marked abandoned - smithy_dll
I've Been Banned!
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Re: [DEV]Users Own Smileys 1.0

Post by CopperTool »

This MOD will only work with phpBB
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Post by Disturbed One »

How about a demo?

Why are you going to wait until phpBBHacks hosts it before you give us any means of installing/previewing it?
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Post by Jim_UK »

Why post on here that you are going to make a mod so that users can select their own smilies and then let phpbbhacks have the mod.

Is this a mod that you are writing yourself or is it one that you have found somewhere else?
Is it just an idea that you have that you have but have not started on?
Do you have the necessary coding skills to do this?

I am not happy with this and am going to lock it.

Please feel free to PM me when you have some proof that you have actually started this project and can provide proof of such.


I think you should check your message box for two messages that I sent you yesterday and have not been read yet.
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