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[DEV] Forum Assassin (Spam Filter)

Post by WulfX »

Currently working on a spam filter based on the popular e-mail filtering software SpamAssassin... an open-source add-on for Apache.

Current Features:
  • + Pattern matching from SpamAssassin in SQL form.
  • + Removal of posts from topic view that exceed spam score
  • + Code for reduction of spam score for users with high post count (longstanding members of the community with 5,000+ posts aren't likely to be spammers
  • + Admins view topic with questionable post shown in RED.
Features in Development:
  • + Configurable spam values in ACP (SQL already supports this)
  • + Unflag posts marked as spam when instructed otherwise
  • + Add/subtract to spam value when posts are flagged/unflagged as spam, allowing it to learn with the forum (Bayesian Filtering).
I'm going to need some help with this project, especially setting up the ACP interface, since I'm not too familiar with that. I've done a lot of searching, and there appears to be no mod already like this. This is beyond a simple spam word list. I'm sure users at my forum say Viagra without it being spam. It depends on context, which this program hopes to analyze.

Development Boards: http://spam.wulfslair.com/

Also would like help with some patterns, since I'm not that great with them. New trend in spam is to double some letters to avoid it matching patterns... like "haarddcore".

Comments very welcome. :D
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Name: Igor Wiedler

Post by igorw »

Looks very nice! What is always great for anti spam MODs, is some sort of "moderation queue" for spam posts... :)
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Post by WulfX »

Pre-release DEV now available at:

The code works. If I screwed up and omitted something from my mod file, please let me know. Or if I happen to have an error in my SQL Syntax. I'm not sure whether this will work with EM... it SHOULD. Then again, this is my first time using the EM Template.

I'd need some help getting an ACP interface into play. And of course, if you can clean up my code a tad, that'd be great. It works, but it's not necessarily elegant. Template support is not included in this version -- everything is hard coded in.

Future Plans:
Plan to release the Alpha version in the near future as soon as all the main features (flagging and unflagging of posts, admin alerts) are in place and functioning.

Development/Testing board:
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Cool Idea

Post by galoscho »

I've not found a word based spam filter yet (do you know any?), therefore I really appreciate your work.
I'm currently studying computer science. Mostly I've been playing around with C++ and not too much with PHP.
Anyway I will download the source code and have a look at it...

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Post by Vampy »

Hi! I read with great interest about the mod you are making. I was wondering how does the spam SQL get updated? Via Spam Assassin? The way I understand it so far is that when you first install the mod, you add in the spam data into the SQL table. But as we know spam words get updated every now and then, so how does the mod update its spam table?

Also, I was wondering how far down is the mod since you last posted? Thank you.
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