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Post by mistressfate »

I've read through the posts.. and have a few questions...

Just to make sure I understand if this will work for my needs or not.

Can you have mutliple quizzes going at the same time?

And also, can you set the quiz to give you a particular graphic at the end depending on your answers?

Like.. you've answered 95% correct.. you receive an A... and the A is a big A graphic..?
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Post by beachboyke »

torinhill wrote: Better yet...
Is there a way to setup the quiz page so that there are grouped quizzes, ala forum index?
If I have groups 1-4, and each has their own batch of quizzes,how else can I manage them seperately?

Same question here.

And maybe even better.....
Is it posible to show the quizzes in a separate block underneath te forums so that we do not need the 'quizies' link in the menu?
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Post by Napoleon »

First Post updated.
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Post by Haldo »

To bad :cry:
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Post by netclectic »

Napoleon wrote: First Post updated.

And locked as a result.

Napoleon: If you wish to continue with this mod at some point in the future and need this topic opened up again, then please contact a member of the MOD Team.
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