[Beta] MOD Format_style

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Merlin Sythove
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[Beta] MOD Format_style

Post by Merlin Sythove »

MOD Format_Style

A simple mod but so very useful: a drop down list of styles that you can apply to your text in messages. These styles like headers or paragraph styles allow the board owner to control the styles and match them to various themes that you may have installed. It allows you to use

Code: Select all

[h1]The title[/h1]
instead of for example

Code: Select all

[color=#FF8000][size=150][b]The title[/b][/size][/color]
The mod is not much more than inserting the block of styles in the correct files.
You control the visuals of the styles in the templates/subSilver/bbcode.tpl file, so that can be different for each theme (template) that you have installed.

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