[DEV]WhatMP3 -Mp3 Playlist/Player For Profile.(like myspace)

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LancXeon MusicK
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[DEV]WhatMP3 -Mp3 Playlist/Player For Profile.(like myspace)

Post by LancXeon MusicK » Mon Feb 04, 2008 5:17 pm

I started on this project long ago, And was the first to go into this territory. My old post can be found here, I had to go away for awhile to concentrate on my own website, I am picking this back up now.

[quote="lancxeon"]MOD Title: WhatMP3.
MOD Description: Allows users to upload and add songs to they're profile through a playlist community.
MOD Version: 0.0.1 (The mod is done, And i don't understand this right now)

Demo *Coming Soon*

WhatMP3 Features?
  • Users can create playlists
  • Users can upload mp3's
  • Users can add single songs, Or playlists of many songs to profiles.
  • Users can add other peoples songs by a click of a button to either they're profile or another playlist.
  • A search feature that will allow users to quickly search through other users songs.
I do not like the admin panel so I have not even started on the config from there, But for the release I will have it done.

This mod is up and running on my personal website, However my personal website was recoded from scrach and does not include any of the original phpbb files, So It is taking some time to convert everything.

  • This mod will be released for phpbb3 within timely matter after this one is stable.

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Re: [DEV]WhatMP3 -Mp3 Playlist/Player For Profile.(like myspace)

Post by Ornette » Sun Jun 29, 2008 6:42 pm

Another MOD i plan to have a look at soon! :)
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