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Post by calennert »

khisanthax wrote: ...HAVING ( w.user_id = )........any ideas?
Hmm, the user_id is not being passed to the get_topics_watched_rows() function (or an empty string is being passed) for some reason....

khisanthax, are you still having this problem? I'll take a look at it when I get to work tomorrow (gotta have something to do at work, right? :twisted: ).
Chris Lennert
Author of the BB Usage Statistics Mod, available for download from the Lennertmods Project.
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Post by khisanthax »

yep, still getting the same problem. all I do is add the include to usercp.php, so to cancel it out i get I just comment it out

hehe, I do the exact same thing at work =)
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Post by khisanthax »

any luck finding the problem?
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Post by viperv80 »

Hi there...

cool mod... I do have a problem though...

I copied the mod directory to my forum root.
I copied the template mod directory inside my current template forder (fisubsilver)
I did the changes to the files....
I get the table when viewing a profile...
but I do not get anything new in the control panel... 8O

any clue?

oh and here is my board_config_body.tpl file now... it is a bit different than subsilver's but I think that is the right place to place the new line.

Code: Select all

<td class="row1">{L_ENABLE_PRUNE}</td>
<td class="row2"> 
<input type="radio" name="prune_enable" value="1" {PRUNE_YES} />
<input type="radio" name="prune_enable" value="0" {PRUNE_NO} />


<th colspan="2">{L_COOKIE_SETTINGS}</th>
<td class="row2" colspan="2"><span class="gensmall">{L_COOKIE_SETTINGS_EXPLAIN}</span></td>
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Post by danzas »

one small bug: when you have a forum-categorie, which contains only private/hidden forums, the categorie name itself is shown in the statistics (with no forum under it of course).

can you fix this?

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Post by danb00 »

is it possible to get it to diplay on the index rather than on the profial?

because i have PCP and it will not work.

so it will need to be a php file or displayed on the index
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Post by Robinhier »

can this mod be installed on a different page? Sp you have extra_stats.php with the stats of this mod, and a link in the users profile with "Click here to view more stats of this member" or something. Get it?
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Post by Siava »

Does not display all forums in statistics if using MOD Categories Hierarchy (Sub Forums and Sub Categories) :(
How to fix it? :roll:
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watch problem....

Post by mmartinez »

Is that posible that does not count de watched posts? It does not in my phpBB forum....can anybody help? No error pages, no crushes, nothing but the question above...

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Post by Volunteer Forum »

I have a problem as you can see on the images here:

I have some kind of "Empty Space" that i cant remove somehow.


With my template:
Everything that is not perfect is a flaw [",]
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