add a 24 hour time limit to a link

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add a 24 hour time limit to a link

Post by frontosa » Sun Jun 29, 2008 9:09 am

is their a mod that will add i time limit to a link on a forum ?
ie : i have a vote link for aquarank on my forum but if i vote at 10:00am i cant vote again untill 10:01am next day, if i vote before 10:01 next day it makes you wait another 24 hours till you can vote again.
so im looking for some think to add to the vote link so after you have voted the fist time on that day and if you press the vote link again it will tell you how long you have to wait untill you can vote a gain.
so it locks the vote for say 24 hours and 1 min for that ip / username.
hope this makes sence lol.

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