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Calendar phpBB2.0.19

Post by peweT »


First of all sorry about my english. I'll improve it :oops:

I've a phpBB 2.0.19 installation and i would like to add a Calendar option to write events. I tried Lite Calendar MOD but is poor. I would like to distinc events for regions, groups... and somethings like that by colors. I saw Lite Calendar PRO, but i think it is paying MOD is not free, isn't it?

So, which calendar MOD for phpBB 2.0.19 do you recomend?


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Re: Calendar phpBB2.0.19

Post by Jim_UK »

The one that you are not prepared to pay for is very good. ;)
There may be some freebies out there but this one is worth the money.

Can't remember how much it was now to be honest but sure you did check.

The truth is out there.
Unfortunately they will not let you anywhere near it!

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