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Post by Frold »

tim071286 wrote: I've started so i'll finish... :)
I know its a big MOD, but I seem to be getting through it well.
The only problem so far is the one i mentioned above about the user receiving replies to there emails e.g an Inbox system, any ideas with this would be much appreciated.

Sounds cool... maybe you sould create you own topic about this mod :D
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Post by cazo66 »

Felamemail under eGroupware may be easy to integrate, isn't it?
Claudio Cardozo
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Post by Frold »

why not take a look at www.hivemail.com

There is already a solution for:
vbulletin 3.0.x
Invision Power Board v1.2+v1.3

Hivemail is a commercial solution but it looks very great and powerfull
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Post by Xiph3r »

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Post by Shanana »

Yes, I've been trying to figure out how to integrate Hivemail with PHPBB.
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Post by tim071286 »

well i dont think i can do this on my shared hosted account... because to create mail boxes i have to login to my hosts admin panel and create them manually, do any1 else hav this same problem?
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Post by bryanj »

Was there any further action with this idea? I think setting up a webmail program that is designed to be integrated with phpBB would be friggin great. I'm not sure why one would need a catch-all address to handle the emails, since webmail programs such as Open WebMail handle emails based on the mail server - I didn't read all the posts in this thread so this may have already been discussed. I think that keeping the mail feature seperate from the PM feature would be best since not every site owner is going to want every user to have an email account on their site. There should be a couple settings that you can configure when you setup the mod for your board: 1) email accounts are created and linked to phpBB accounts automatically, 2) phpBB accounts are created without an email account - email account can be created seperately by admin and linked to the phpBB account via the User Management in the ACP. If the owner/webmaster chooses option 2, each user creates their phpBB account like normal and doesn't see an email link at the top of the page when they're logged in.

If nobody else is currently working on this mod or planning to, I think I might pursue it.

Bryan J
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Post by n00bstorm »

hmm cant wait for this :wink:
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Post by actionplant »


Any progress on this? I'll go socketmail if I have to, but I really like this concept and would be interested to see if anyone has done it.
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Post by narusegawa »

I remember this guy starting this project in the office. I gave him a lot of help but in the end I think he got a basic webmail system working with it for his clan.

At some point, as soon as I get the skin for my phpBB from the designer, I'm going to intergrate SquirrelMail into phpBB. It won't be for awhile yet, but to help with this process I'll be using the latest development builds from SquirrelMail. Who are now starting to seperate their code/interface to make themes/skins easier to write/design. The question is ultimately which way around to do this... a phpBB Theme plugin for SquirrelMail, or a SquirrelMail MOD for phpBB. It will take a long time. I will need to read and understand the IMAP/Auth/Parsing commands and functions that SquirrelMail has.

I will be doing this in phases.

1: Login in and get a list of mails in the inbox.
2: Read an email and attachments. (Plain text, not HTML)
3: Implement folders.
4: Sending of an email.
5: HTML email viewing.

These are the basic 5 phases to go through, after which I'll work on a few other little features but that's the bulk of work to be done.
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Re: [REQ] Webmail Mod

Post by mgutt »

tof wrote: I just thought this morning that i could be very nice to have a Webmail Mod working like the PM Function...

If anyone like this idea and feel like doing it, that would be just great!

Thx 8)

5 Years later and I have the same idea :lol:

I'm hacking my own mod now. if someone is interested look at the screens here:

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