Random Flash Ad Banner.

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Random Flash Ad Banner.

Post by PSK »

Guys/Gals, I'm having a problem with the script for the overall_header.tpl
file. I wanna run the script so that everytime the screen refreshes, a new
flash file/movie comes up.

example: http://www.spotlighttoronto.com/forum/index.php
(note: recommended resolution 1024x768)

...see at the top, how the Flash banner cycles the ads in the same order all
the time? Rather than loading one big fat Flash Banner, I want to run each
an individual Flash ad. And every time the screen refreshes, I want the
browser to react to the (Java?) randomizer script showing a different
banner everytime.

-I've tried putting in a math.random type javascript...doesn't work
-I threaded all the ads toghether to make on big fat Flash banner, but the
file size was too big...don't like that, either

Maybe it has to do with the overall_header.tpl file...maybe this is a php
mod? Hopefully you folks catch my drift...

Help, please.

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Post by Without_Boundaries »

Have you tried using something such as phpMyAds?
You could set up all of your banners on that and it would rotate them and stuff. Then you'd just need to put the javascript code from it into the .tpl files.

Niels Chr. Denmark
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Post by Niels Chr. Denmark »

you may take a look at my "complete banner MOD"
it support all types of images, SWF and custom code to any place inside phpBB2 enviroment.

randomly shown, according to banner weight, tie intervals, user type, forum the user is browsing and so on.
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