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Event attendee availability topics

Posted: Mon May 03, 2004 7:55 pm
by Hellweed
Event attendee availability topics

What I’m looking for is a cross between a calendar and a something like a poll. I’d like to be able to post an event in a forum and based on user permission have the members “vote” just like a poll with 3 choices. They can make it, tentatively make it, or they cannot make it.

The user level permissions are important because I don’t want random members seeing it or “voting” in it, thats why I thought a variation on a poll in the topic would work better than a calendar. I could simply use the Poll permissions for each forum. The tricky part would be the member should be able to change their availability (“vote”).

Thinking out loud, I’d also need a date field in the posting form and some way to distinguish it from a normal poll.

Before I struggle through this, has anyone done anything like this?

Thanks in advance