Post displayed per page in a topic?

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Post displayed per page in a topic?

Post by Lune »

This would let users choose how many posts they can view per page, such as 15 posts per page, 20, 30, or even 40 (should be customizable as to what options we can provide)!

I've searched through many different sites but only place such feature could be found is part of Ptirhiik's Profile Control Panel hack. I don't want to have his whole hack installed (my forum users complained previously that this is rather too complex to use and learn) to have this feature.

If no one has made seperate hack just for this, then could anyone guide me in what particular file or process I should watch for? Then with some pointers I can probably make the mod myself (picking apart what is already there and learning = win).

Thanks for all your help!
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Post by tbartold »

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