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webmail support

Post by eddiecrazy »

is there a way to implement an web server with phpbb???

if I want to provide email accounts to my phpbb users, with the same informations they entered with phpbb accounts what can i do???

I am thinking to run an email server on my machine but what can i do with the authentication??? and how can they access the web interface trugh phpbb interface???

can anyone help me with that???
may be i am not the only one asking about!

10x lot!
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Post by OmegaQuest »

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Post by k_a_a »

SocketMail support PHPBB integration. Users created in SocketMail will be created in PhpBB too and they can use the same login.

You can visit the site at http://www.socketmail.com

You can check the test in http://www.catzmail.com login is test / password or test / testing .. not so sure.
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anything for windows 2k

Post by MW4 »

That runs on linux, is there anything similar for the windows 2k platform?
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