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This forum is now closed due to phpBB2.0 being retired.
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Ramon Fincken, cool mod, i need SOTW mod too, but not like this, here is the explain...

In mine forum there is forum SOTW, where we have Sig Of The Week competitions: there is one voting topic (sticky), rules topic (sticky), winners topic (important) and the SOTW topics (normal). Every week i'm or one of forum mods are creating new topic for sotw, there forums users puts their own siganture images, and when other week comes, we creating other sotw topics, and in voting topic we start vote for the best sig image... Here you can see how it looks in real , but it's only in Lithuanian language, so if you want something to know, and you can't read, please say i'll translate...

So maybe you could do this mod that we somehow can integrate it in this competition? I see now it's for all users sigs, so, not really usefull for this competition now...

Edit: I forgot one more thing, the last SOTW winner must be shown in index_body.tpl, you can see that in my given url it is showing, but now we must do al the changes manualy, it would be unreal to change evrything thought the acp.
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