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This forum is now closed due to phpBB2.0 being retired.
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Post by RMcGirr83 »

which would then work in overall_footer.tpl ;)
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Post by bugattibuilder »

Twatch javascript works for me, but with the PHP code I do not seem to get it working.

I tried javascript in overall_footer.tpl and tried php code in page_tail.php, as described in a post earlier.

Anyone who got the PHP option working?
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Post by RojForum »

thank you very much for your help
Arild Holta
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Post by Arild Holta »


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<?php @include_once $GLOBALS['HTTP_SERVER_VARS']['DOCUMENT_ROOT'].'/twatch_include/logger.php'; ?>

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php @include_once $GLOBALS['HTTP_SERVER_VARS']['DOCUMENT_ROOT'].'/twatch_include/logger.php'; 
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