About abandoned MODs

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About abandoned MODs

Post by shirleycaat »


I see a lot of Mod threads are locked beacause the author dissapeared for some time. And board moderators advised us not bumping old topics.

However, some of the mods are not bad at all. Sometimes the topic is still active although the mod author is not. I hope phpBB team can give those abandoned Mods a living opportunity.

Considering difference from Mods in Development, maybe move them to a forum called "Mods Abandoned". By this way, some useful mods wont be dead forever, someone else may take over the orphans, let them rebirth or just let users to help each other. Of course in this forum, warn users about the status of those Mods that they may not be supported at all.

What do you think?
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Post by ZombieSlayer »

There is a thread in the MOD writers forum that tries to re-vitalize the more popular/most requested abandoned MODs.

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