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Post by marcus.smith »

mogster wrote: I've got spammed with 46 posts linking to a picture of a panda.

I'm having to delete them manually.

A panda?

Have you tried making a donation to the World Wildlife Fund... they might go away! :lol:

Sorry, couldn't resist...

I just don't understand, why so many links to a panda of all things? :?
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Post by Mackenzie »

eviL<3 wrote: Mackenzie, that would stop anybody with a .com from signing up 8O

jup because most of the spammers are coming from .com .info .net .ru
i wanna ban all the commercial hosts

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Re: Suggestion: Easy Button to De-Spam

Post by Ramon Fincken »

Dave Bean wrote: Currently, I think it might take longer to for me to remove spam made by real people (I have the visual verify and register on), than for the Spammers to post. When logged on as administrator, we have an IP button and a delete button on each post. How about having an "Easy De-Spam" button?

The Easy De-Spam Button would:
(1) Delete all posts for the poster
(2) Delete the poster's username
(3) Optionally ban the poster's IP
(4) Optionally ban the poster's username

See a spam offender? Press the Easy De-Spam Button and be done with them!

dave, your wish has been granted, PM me your email and I'll keep you in touch of this release..
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