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Image upload into message

Post by poplistings »

I would like to see the ability to upload an image into the message, without having to use the "img" link tag.[/img]
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Post by igorw »

This is the wrong place to post this... There is no such MOD as far as i know, only the Attachement MOD perhaps. The Simple Image Upload MOD will insert the IMG Code directly into the Post.
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Post by wGEric »

Moved from MODs in Development.
Peter VDD
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Post by Peter VDD »

I've wondered about this too... Attachement mod is not handy to use as it does not allow immediate linking and attached images cannot be displayed in other topics as they end in ?c=34 or something. Simple upload is not good because it makes you dependent on other sites. Something inbetween is afaik still not present.
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