How to install Mod "File Attachment MOD v2 "

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How to install Mod "File Attachment MOD v2 "

Post by shin_kasama » Thu Sep 19, 2002 1:27 pm

in this time , I got a problem with
istalling Mod File Attachment MOD v2.
I used phpBB V2.0.2 and I need it could be
attrach file&picture but I really don't know
How to install this Mod.
please, tell me How to install or suggest
me How to do.

thank you 4 your help very much.
My E-mail :
need you

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Post by nexialys » Thu Sep 19, 2002 1:37 pm

this is not a REQUEST... please refer to MOD Support forum and participate on the already existent support topics about this mod.


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Post by morpheus2matrix » Thu Sep 19, 2002 1:46 pm

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