Is there a mod like this?

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Is there a mod like this?

Post by mrcoolboy15 »

I am curious to see if there is a mod that will only allow the people to post url or website addresses after so many posts. also a mod that will make the person who subscribes to have ot wait so many days before he or she can post any new articles?

any help would be nice thanks
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Post by drathbun »

Yes, there are. :-) I can't keep track of them all, but I do remember seeing a MOD that keeps folks from posting URLs in their posts until they have a certain number of posts.

Moved to MOD Requests where hopefully someone will remember what I'm talking about and maybe even have a link handy.
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Re: Is there a mod like this?

Post by tarotamerica »

I am looking into whether I can use this to do something similar for the Profile as well as posting.
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