{help} with attachment modnot working on moved forum

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{help} with attachment modnot working on moved forum

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An attachment mod conundrum

I have moved my phpbb forum (phpbb2)with attachment mod 2.4.0 to a new host and in the midst of getting it to work. The site on the old host is on a .co.uk domain the new is on the same name but.net domain,
I have sorted almost very thing out except the attachments mod

( I moved the forum files in block to the new web space, to retain the mod features <flash chat, attachment mod etc> saved the data base from phpmyadmin and uploaded data base via bigdump) . all the threads sections and members list are there every thing is as normal except the attachments

When the forum opens you can see all the sections as normal , enter any section and the threads are all there with how many posts and the ones with attachments show the paper clip icon by the side ( as normal) , if you click on that thread you can see it saying bottom left of the browser loading pictures and the green progress bar moving across but no attachment pictures appear, also the box the pictures normally sit in with the picture file number and picture comments are also not there.

As far as I know all the attachment files are up there (members pictures etc) are up there I watched em go in the ftp program
i'n figureing its yet another config file, but what and where?

Any ideas guys and galls?
thanks in advance
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Re: {help} with attachment modnot working on moved forum

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The MOD Requests is not a place for creating threads to facilitate support for MODs. The phpBB Group does not have a dedicated MOD Support team as such, so to help facilitate receiving of support, we require you to posts all requests in the thread dedicated to that MOD. That means if the MOD you require support from is in the MODDB, posting your support request in the MOD Release thread in the MOD Releases, Announcements and Support forum. For MODs still in development, post your support request as a reply to the development thread of the MOD in the MODs in Development forum. This will allow the author of the MOD to quickly find your support request or problems with their MOD and to help you out or to fix the problem with the MOD.

If you found the MOD at a site other than phpbb.com, we don't have a place here where you can receive support for that MOD, and you will have to contact the author, either at their site or personally. The MOD when downloaded will contain the authors contact information.


Thank you,
The phpBB MOD Team
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No private support is offered.
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