[request] Simple phpBB wiki integration

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[request] Simple phpBB wiki integration

Post by rebent » Mon Jul 09, 2007 4:10 pm

Hello everyone. I work for a college and am trying to forge communication between and among the help desk, IT department, and many web developers (of which I am one). What we are planning to do is set up a wiki, but I also think a forum is necessary: while wikis are great for constructing and storing completed policy/code, they aren't nearly as good as, say, phpbb, for discussion and general chatter.

Now, I've read through [Request] Wiki for phpBB and a few other topics on this subject, and have spent the last few days searching the web, but haven't found what I need, which is this:
  • *Mediawiki wikicode usage: I can't see how it would be so hard to make a board run wikicode, eh? I've seen the link mod, and I think that could be used, but I also would like to be able to use other basic wikicode principals like ==header1==, *ul1 **ul2, :indent, and [[image:filename|description]].
  • *Login integration: I already have this, thank goodness! I've found a few ways to do this, but as long as I'm looking, it'd be nice to have it all together in one package
  • *along the same lines: userpages on wiki instead of in phpbb: pretty simple concept, but I don't know how easy to do it would be.
I hope there is already a mod out there with my name on it, because then I can have immediate access to my solutions, but the level of doubt I have in this is equal to an extremely large number :?

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