More Information in profil

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More Information in profil

Post by ThomasJanusch »


are there a MOD with which I additional input fields in the
profile to build can I need 10 additional input fields:

Family status
Postal zip code
Land of the Federal Republic
Eye color

or is there a guidance to realize like one this can??

Apology for my bad English, the latter times I needed it I the school
before 18 years

Thanyou very much

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Post by talia679 »

Thanks, Talia
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Post by Rod »

I would advise using the real name mod instead. I wrote that tutorial for an earlier version of phpBB. The real name mod v.1.1.0 is better.

Reasons why it's better:
  1. It is written for phpBB2.0.4 (the latest version) so doesn't need you to read through lots of posts to make sure it works for 2.0.4.
  2. It has an admin section so that you can edit the new field from users_admin.
All you need to do is change every instance of realname for the name of the new field. Easy to do before installing mod with a find and replace all in a text editor.

Link to it is in my sig.
Rod [aka Kinger]
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'Real Name' Mod here. Discussion here.
'Date/Time Last Visited' Mod here. Discussion here.
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