I am currently working with PostNuke.. & E-Commerce

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This forum is now closed due to phpBB2.0 being retired.
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I am currently working with PostNuke.. & E-Commerce

Post by glitchy »

Will phpBB2.2 include (or have a mod available) that will add e-comm functionality to it? All I need is a simple shopping cart system much like PostKart for PostNuke (only better). I'd be happy to help build one if there are none in process.

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Same here

Post by CyberSpy »

I've been searching and searching, I know someone is trying to port OSCommerce to work with phpBB. I would love to have OSCommerce and phpBB share the same user db, that would just make my day.
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i know this is an old thread BUT....

Post by sw45859 »

i am currently working on a real implementation of phpbb into oscommerce, i wanted to post here for a few reasons.

1. so that the creators of phpbb would read it and let me know if i am allowed to modify the code in phpbb to the extent that is required
2. so that anyone who is really interested in this will let me know so that i know the work is not in vain.
3. to ask for anyone who has knowledge of phpbb's code and oscommerce's code that may be able to give their assistance in getting all the files modified, it is taking alot of time with one person

the extent of what i am doing it applying oscommerce functions to phpbb (sessions, customers, classes, functions) the works, i have even modified the template to go with oscommerce in the default look, this is another thing i am unsure about as it is based on the subsilver template and am not sure how the guys at phpbb feel about it, please let me know and if anyone is willing to help drop me a line through either private message, msn, aol, or email.

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