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Post by custmguru® »

we use a subscription base at

we have 3 levels of subscription...
Level 1 : Avatar, signature picture, access to subscriber forum #1. cost is $1.50 per month or $15 per year.

Level 2 : Level 1 membership plus access to a photo gallery. cost is $2.50 per month or $25 per year.

Level 3 : Level 2 plus email ( cost is $5 per month or $50 per year.

now, to start i created a subscriber usergroup and then i added a slight mod to remove sig images and tied that in with the avatar toggle button. when i get notice of a subscriber, i go to thier user section, add a subscriber image and activate the avatar (which also turns on the sig images) and then i add them to the group. not too much work and i can add a level one subscriber in less than 2 minutes.

level 2 and 3's take a couple minutes more but this mod wont help with those since one is done through postnuke and the other is done through the site control panel...
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Post by shortbus »

:arrow: BUMP

I would like this.

Anyone have any info?

I would pay to have this on my site.

Any takers? Contact me. (If you cant figure out how to reach me - your not qualified for the mod.)
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Post by evepowr »

Hey anyway you could make it so when someone purchased a subscription it would put them in a certain user group? If thats possible i would pay alot for it.
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Post by sketch42 »

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Post by reese »

there are so many people requesting a mod like this wonders why sumone hasnt completed one yet.. lol anywayz if anyone knows of one that has been completed and the link is "alive" please post me a link ty :D
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