importing messages as if they were "old"

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importing messages as if they were "old"

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Hi all,
I've a vanilla phpBB2 up and running since some time, and now I want to import in a forum a huge set of old messages (from a mailing list, but it's not an issue).

I've no problems writing a PHP/Python/whatever script to import the messages in the MySQL database (and separating them into topics), but these imported messages show up on top of the forum and that's the thing I want to avoid: these are old message, and I prefer to leave the newer one on the top.

I set topics.topic_time and posts.post_time to appropriate values (taken from the headers of the messages I'm importing), but looks like that by default phpBB2 uses the topics.topic_last_post_id/posts.post_id fields to sort topics.

Assuming that I have more than 100.000 messages to import on a live forum, can anyone think of an easy way to make them look like "old" messages?

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Re: importing messages as if they were "old"

Post by D¡cky »

phpBB does sort topics by id. The easy way to sort the topics by time in viewforum, is to apply the changes in this post.
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