2 Forums 1 DB, profile link problem

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2 Forums 1 DB, profile link problem

Post by bc804 » Wed Jun 18, 2008 5:55 pm

I have linked 2 forums, to use the same user database(as stated in the knowledge base of this site), and I love it. But there is 1 problem :

It would be cool if it would be possible that if people want to visit the profile of a user, it will go straight to the profile of the user.

atm I have set up the site like this :

Core forum with an extra forum added on top of it. I was wondering if anybody knows how to make it so that when people on the extra forum wish to view the profile of other users, it takes them straight to the profile of the users on the core forum... instead of the profile that they have on the extra forum that has been added on top of the core forum.

Thanks in advance


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