Running the board on a T1 line using computer and an ISP

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Running the board on a T1 line using computer and an ISP

Post by DivinoSuave »

Would a fairly large board be safe and reasonable to use a t1 lines and an ISP from a computer. Maby 30 registered members logged on at any given time?
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Post by Alec »

You should be ok, it really depenends on the size of your database. AS long as you moniter the system preformance for the first few days you should be ok.

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Post by ffeingol »

Well a T1 is a measure bandwidth. How much of that your board would use really depends on the graphc content of the site. A T1 is 1.544 Mbps of bandwidth. Over the past day, this site averaged about .62 Mbps.

The othe issue will be do you have the hardware (CPU/Memory) to run the board?

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Post by Kylecool »

I think it would be ok for 30 members. PhpBB always have at least 20-30 people on and sometimes has a hundred. I think you could do it. :)

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