? Does “requiring registration” on the forum stop posts

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? Does “requiring registration” on the forum stop posts

Post by Dos1 »

I am trying to find out the effect of stopping guest postings on a forum .
Do people just leave the board or do they register
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Post by MoonBuggy »

I wouldnt bother registering if I had one question, but I would ask it if I didn't have to, but if I am interested in being a long term user (as I am here) I would register :D
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Post by jbay »

I think asking for the small commitment of a simple registration is very little to ask before somebody posts -- but it depends on the nature of your board. If you have trouble with people making up fake addresses at registration & posting trolls, or generally being disruptive to the community, I think a verified registration is ideal. If you're just putting up a basic comment-board that may or may not generate a community, maybe it's not worth it...

at any rate, you can mix & match forums within a board, so maybe you could try it out for yourself and see what works best...have some of your forums set to "REG" for posting, and some set for "ALL". See how it goes and let us know ;-)
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Post by Endy »

I know that there are people out there who hate to have to register to post in a forum... in fact, I know of at least one person who doesn't post at my forum because of that reason... granted, my forum is very small anyways... but on the otherhand... an older forum that I used to have didn't have registration at all... and there was someone who decided he didn't like me for whatever reason and so every chance he got, he would spam my forum...
That's what led me to get phpBB and things have been running just fine ever since. :)
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I require registration for most forums

Post by gaudior »

There are a couple of forums which allow guest posting. My boards are divided between members only, registered only, and open. I make it clear in the forum description what is required for each board. The members-only boards are for private discussions amongs members of various boards at church. The registered boards are for most of the other ofrums. I have a couple of forums which allow open posting. These are to allow anonymous prayer requests, and to allow honest questions to be asked. I have to pay closer attention to these forums.
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Post by Deathscythe »

I prefer people register before they post anything on my forum.

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