Use of my name on one of your sites.

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Use of my name on one of your sites.

Post by pipera »

It has come to my attention that my name has been used illegally on one of your supported sites:

[::this spam removed byLifeIsPain::]

This has been done illegally, I have not and do not allow anyone use my name and also my e-mail address on this forum.

This is a serious offence and I require immediate attention to this matter.

They have created an account called Rod P

I require immediate removal of my name form this forum, and that the administrator of this forum please explain to you why they have commited this act.

Rodney Piper

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Post by LifeIsPain »

It has come to my attention that you do not understand that has absolutly no control over who uses our software. There are not any "supported sites" there are sites that use our product, but what content the use with their site cannot be controlled by

Please read this article on why we can do nothing

That said, to me, it looks like you are trying to spam this url as conveniently as possible, as the webpage of "Rod P" is admined by a guy named "pipera". Even if this is not the case, Names are not the exclusive property of the first person to use it, there are other people named "lifeispain" on the net (I hold I am the best one, but that is beside the point).

Again, kindly read that post.
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Post by LifelessTrel »

Three words for you:

Get a job.

Your fussing over a forum with 5 members.. bleh. :evil:
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