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Post by vandal » Mon Nov 19, 2001 8:27 pm

i don't see much point in anyone writing an alternative forum for the phpPP that is based of phpBB and that allready features integration with phpBB

but if you got a modular framework then anyone could add a different forum ... but the question is just why and even if that happends .. whats the problem? .. that forum will either have to offer that feature that phpBB does not have (like threading ... which imho sucks but you know users :-) ) or will just be the product of some fool that has some odd affection with redundance

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Post by Kanuck » Mon Nov 19, 2001 8:31 pm

vandal wrote: some fool that has some odd affection with redundance

Am I the only one who sees the extreme irony of this comment? :p
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Post by Jay » Mon Nov 19, 2001 8:31 pm

TC wrote: This portal with a different forum system? You've got to be kidding, right?

i think what is meant to be said is that you can link to a different forum if you really wanted to for some odd reason.. but you can't use a different forum for the portal... i think that's how it goes? correct me if i'm wrong on this...

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Post by Pit » Mon Nov 19, 2001 8:34 pm

psoTFX wrote: If it's to get our support it must include phpBB (although the admin could disable it)

That's what I meant, I suppose I should have said. Oops.
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