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***Feature Talkback: Calendar

Posted: Tue Nov 20, 2001 11:55 am
by dhn
It is very difficult to talk about all feature ideas in one thread. So to keep the ideas coming without loosing them I think the best idea is to open a thread for every feature to share ideas and get a rough idea what everyone thinks and how it might look in the final version. Please keep your postings focused on the respective topic.

So, what are your ideas for the CALENDAR system?


Posted: Tue Nov 20, 2001 1:17 pm
by DK
here are my jumbled thoughts from having created something similar on our intranet.

we have our calendar broken out many different ways. I guess the best way to summarize is similar to the group forum functionality of v2.0

if you are part of a group and that group has a calendar, then you get all the dates for that group as well as your personal ones. We have the calendar setup much like the outlook style look and feel with a small numerical calendar in the top right corner, with dates that have details bolded, and then a listing of the day you click on

your personal appt are shown in black, then the first groups is shown in blue, second in red, thirs in green

using a color coded chart on bottom
Green * = group 1
etc etc

and it's viewing is turned on/off using your profile, but we have M$ style buttons in the top of the floated window, the minimize/close style buttons.
It seems to have worked very well sofar anyhow. Can't really give a stress test, it's not used all that often, since 99.99999% have outlook installed already they use that ;)

Posted: Tue Nov 20, 2001 1:36 pm
by dhn
I like the idea to have it heavily connected to the Usergroups, taking the egroups idea even further.

Posted: Tue Nov 20, 2001 2:25 pm
by Aristotle
Here is my list.... you knew I'd have one :)
  • The calendar is viewable by month, week, and or day.
  • Permissions to add events to the calendar are given by User Group and Individual.
  • Public events are viewable to everyone, while Private events are visible only to members of the user group it was posted for.
  • A modulefor the front page that allows you to see upcoming events for the week and or day. (if your logged in you see your group events here too, if not you see only public events.)
  • The ability to make events reaccuring on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or anual basis. (You get the point.)
  • The ability to put e-mail notification on an event, and the ability for users to decide whether or not they wish to recieve event alerts. They should be able to decide this on a user group level, so they can choose to ignore alerts from user group #1 but still get all of the alerts for user group #2.
That wasn't so bad...

Posted: Wed Nov 21, 2001 2:21 am
by Hercules
I'd like to have a Calendar Archive as well!

So you can view news by clicking on the day of the month, and it will show you the news for that day.

Then in addition, you can have the Calendar for events and such!

Cya, and good luck!