Cheap host with MySQL?

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Cheap host with MySQL?

Post by Gamergirl87 »

Does anyone know a good host that is less than 10 dollars (or free ^^) where I could *just* host my forums. I can't host them on my site because I barely have enough bandwidth as it is. I already pay 15 dollars a month and I can't get a steady job because I'm 15 and most stores (believe me I've tried so many) only hire 16 year olds so I can't really afford anything right now. I'm going to try and use because they are a free host with MySQL, but I have a feeling it won't work out for me.
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Post by raythor »

your right.. lycos is pretty crappy
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Post by ShaunJUK »

I used these to initially set up my forums before moving to Tempest2

The only catch is you have to dial into them to do uploads etc

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Post by Hoth » ... very cheap, as low as $4 per year. I use them for several sites, including forums.
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Post by BMJ »
Take a look and see what you think. :?:
I have a site hosted there and so far everything has been great.
They have an offer now that with each new account you get phpBB installed free.
Plans start at $7.99 a month for 12 gigs transfer.
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Post by rochen »

I may be able to sort you out some kind of special package since your budget is fairly low. Feel free to contact me via the below email address if you would like further info :)

Please be sure to remind me it was from this thread :lol:
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Post by duck »

I use to host my site. I believe that ikonboard is not allowed there or discouraged as it has caused server problems -

They have various hosting plans but you can get one at 9.95 month or it is 7.95 month if you pay for the year and they throw in a free domain registration if you take a year contract.

you get 200 mb storage and it is either 10 or 13 gigs of bandwith a month

quite a few other goodies if want to check them out go here:

I would suggest after you check out the hosting plans you go to the community forum there and browse - they have been growing very fast and there are some support related issues but it has improved tremendously and they are doing their utmost to provide support in an expeditious manner. Keep that in mind - cause their is some bitching on the forums but those that are doing so are a loud minority.
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Post by TieuNgao »
plan start at $4.99/mo
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Post by chAos »

I recommened Myacen.
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Post by szr »

4D Web Hosting - $4.95/mo for 100 MB's with 5 GB's of bandwidth (limited time offer - bandwidth is originally 3 GB's).

They have everything you need to support phpBB2. They're fast and reliable. I'm currently hosted with them and I had no problems with them since I signed up (November 2001). They have another package under $10.00 for $9.95/mo. 200 MB's of space and 10 GB's of bandwidth, limited time offer - bandwidth is originally 6 GB's, comes with that package.
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Post by slei »

CháoS wrote: I recommened Myacen.

yes! myacen may not be the cheapest one, but they have the best tech support! :mrgreen:
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Cheap mySQL web host...

Post by Thunderbuck »

I REALLY like $25.00 a year US, and that includes your domain registration fees.

If you already have a domain, you can transfer it over to them and they'll extend it for a year.
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Post by WHW »

WHW has hosting for $3.95/mo and has built in phpBB support.....
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Post by zendrag0n »


Are you using digital rax for just forum hosting?
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Post by Kylecool »

Search the forums. There are tons of threads, and I see these threads everyday. :P
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