New "Pepotamo1985" hack???

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TheMarco wrote: To conclude: if you don't like it it's no problem. :) I merely posted here about it's existence because I figured it could be useful to other people than just the admins of the Pivot support forum.

I didn't make any jugement :wink:
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tnahm wrote: Where do you enable the visual confirmation for new accounts? I did not see it in the admin interface. I am using 2.0.11 be the way...

Disable board
This will make the board unavailable to users. Administrators are able to access the Administration Panel while the board is disabled. Yes No
Enable account activation None User Admin

Code: Select all

Enable Visual Confirmation
Requires users enter a code defined by an image when registering. 	Yes   
Right there! The above was copied from my General Configuration in the Admin. Panel.
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it hit me too, he posted february 11, 12, 15, 16, 21 and 1 to 5 times per section of my site(ie chatterbox, general site questions, clans & usergroups) most of them being on the 15th and all at random times of the day, im gonna have to reset my site
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RaisedZombie wrote: im gonna have to reset my site

Now that seems a bit overkill...Go find the userid of that user, and then delete all posts and topics by that user through phpMyAdmin.
Then upgrade to phpBB 2.0.13 (if you haven't done so already), make sure you've got visual confirmation installed as well, and then turn VisCon on. That was it for the Bot posting on your forum...


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