portal question

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portal question

Post by blinddruid »

I am looking at possibly using a portal for my site. What do you recommend as a good portal with easy to use content management? What I envision is some select users to be able to write articles and have them upload to the main page of the portal. Is this possible?


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Post by Guy^89 »

i recomended you to use PhpNuke. Its a very nice cms it inculdes phpbb forum too.
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Post by Cynthia Blue »

I would recommend mkportal. It's great, tons of options, very clean.


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Post by MHobbit »

i recomended you to use PhpNuke. Its a very nice cms it inculdes phpbb forum too.

I don't. phpNuke has a history of being insecure. It's also not supported here, because they had to modify phpBB code to get it to work with their CMS. So, if you use phpNuke, you can't ask for phpNuke support here (but you can at their site).
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