A new distribution of phpbb

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A new distribution of phpbb

Post by ehsen »

I have plan to develop a new distribution of phpbb. However i have some questions please answer it carefully ( i 'll be more then happy if someone from phpbb development team reply me.)

Quesion 1. Can i release a new distribution of Phpbb means an absolutely new forum software with a different name. Although its footer will clearly state your copyright.

2. There are plenty of PHPBB mods available on the internet. Do all these mods come under GPL. I read your article which explains the copyright issue related to Mods and it seems to me that GPL apply on almost 98 percent MODS.

3. My software will be free & open source (obviously). Can i charge a small fee for my forum software.

I am gonna invest huge amount of money & time in this project therefore it is really important for me to get an idea of my legal position.
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Post by Swizec »

What exactly do you mean by new distribution?

Because you most probably aren't allowed to develop a piece of software and give it the same name as another piece of software already has.

You can though borrow the code from opensource software with giving proper credit in the source as to where the code came from and simply develope that new piece of software.

Not entirely sure what you want to do here.
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Post by ChaosBringer »

I think he means a premod...

also, if something is released under GPL the following rules apply:

1. Your software must be released under GPL if the code you are using comes from a GPLed source.
2. You can charge but it doesnt stop people from redistributing your software for free after they bought it from you.
3. You must give credit where credit is due.

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Post by Nephrus »

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