Fork topic?

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Fork topic?

Post by Mustek »

What does fork topic do? I'm translating phpbb3 in Dutch a bit for my own forum (not going to release it) and I'm having trouble with some words...
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Post by Silverdrop »

It probably means to "split" the topic.

I found this in a handbook:
In the Moderator Control Panel, you may split a topic by clicking on the topic title. You will be taken to the Split Topic Control Panel. You may select the posts to split; they will then be removed from the topic and put into a new topic. This will allow you to move off-topic posts to another topic, keeping your topics more organized.

New Topic Title - The title of the new topic created by the split.

Forum for new topic - The forum that the new topic will be located in.

To split only specific posts from a topic, check the box next to each post and click Split selected posts.

To split a post and every post after that one, select the first post to split and click Split from selected posts.

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