EasyMOD support for templates

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EasyMOD support for templates

Post by guspasho »

I have tried to install some mods with EasyMOD but every time I tried to install a MOD that makes a change to SubSilver it does not attempt to make any corresponding change to other templates I have installed on my board. One other template in particular is my default template and the one all my users use. Most importantly it's the one that bots see if they try to register. Is there something I need to do to get EasyMOD to MOD my other templates or am I required to MOD these templates manually? (Which sort of defeats the whole point of EasyMOD, I think.) Thanks.
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Post by drathbun »

EasyMOD has a dedicated support area here. Please ask your question in that forum, as that's the most efficient support path for EasyMOD. Thanks. 8)
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