How big is the database? / How big is yours?

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How big is the database? / How big is yours?

Post by cdkrg »

Out of curiosity how big is the database right now? I'm trying to get a feel for how much space I'll need on my database.

I'd also like to know how big other people's databases are, if you give the size please also tell how many users and posts you have.
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Post by sasalone »

Number of posts: 30391
Number of topics: 4592
Number of users: 771
Database size: 49.62 MB
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Post by Daz »


Number of posts: 5448
Number of topics: 986
Number of users: 465
Database size: 6.63 MB

The phpBB database size has been posted a couple of times.
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Post by gatty »

Posts: 8846
Topics: 1126
Users: 541
Size: 9.48 MB

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Post by R. U. Serious »

Posts: 7300
Topics: 770
Users: 290
DB-Size: 7.17MB

Posts: 8320
Topics: 550
Users: 292
DB-Size: 10,5 MB
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Post by cdkrg »

An average of 724 posts per MB.

Not very exact since I don't consider the non posts DB space but this is helping me get a rough idea (very rough since eaxh forum will have a different average post size).

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Post by chAos »

the's database last time it was posted, i think was around 90mb.
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Post by siq604 »

Number of posts: 4517
Number of topics: 540
Number of users: 112
Board started: 30 Aug 2002
Database size: 2.50 MB

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Post by cabbage »

Number of posts: 7133
Number of topics: 843
Number of users: 338
Board started: 09 Mar 2002
Database size: 6.70 MB

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Post by cdkrg »


46 members

1223 posts

12.5 MB (lots of big posts)
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Post by GLJones »

Mine doesn't list the size, it's N/A.

Is this an ISP thing or a problem?

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Post by Aharon »

Number of posts 308715
Posts per day 353.42
Number of topics 31528
Topics per day 36.09
Number of users 3782
New Users per day 4.33
Board started 01 Jun 2000 08:00 pm
Board Up Days 873.52

Database size 151.78 MB
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Post by Sheps »

Number of posts: 5689
Posts per day: 18.81
Number of topics: 480
Topics per day: 1.59
Number of users: 253
Users per day: 0.84
Board started: Mon Dec 24, 2001 10:25 pm
Avatar directory size: 210.09 KB
Database size: 8.87 MB
Gzip compression: OFF

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Post by TC »

here's my astonishing statistics:
the funnel wrote: Number of posts 1809
Number of topics 585
Number of users 38
Database size 4.47 MB
Avatar directory size 29.46 KB
Most Users Ever Online 29
Gzip compression Enabled

and the most amusing stat of all:
Top Posting User - TC 863 48%

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Post by Presto »

IDP FORUM (dutch DJ forum)

Posts: 52020
Topics: 3041
Users: 560 (over 1000 but pruning not active users every week)
Board started: 12 Dec 2001 08:00
Avatar directory size: 1.38 MB
Database size: 48.17 MB

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