Bot And The Code

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Bot And The Code

Post by gobbly2100 »

Does anyone know how bots get pass the visual confirmation because it confuses the hell out of me, is there limited codes that PHPBB uses or something?

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Post by geocator »

It reads the image and deciphers the code. There are replacement images that help, but are harder to read for humans too.

My personal opinion is that the days of VC are over. Bots can read them to easily, and many have gotten to the point that they are hard for humans to read. Time to move on to new and better ideas.

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Post by DelvarWorld »

Bots don't neccessarily have to read it. One article that I read (I think it was posted here) said that bots will save the verification image and put it on a free porn site, so that anyone wishing to view the content would have to enter the same numbers. The bot then takes that input and puts it back into your login form.

But an increasingly large number of humans are registering to post spam, so that there's no actual way to prevent bots from signing up.

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Post by alvo »

I added a mod to stop bot spam six months or so ago and haven't had any spam registrations or posts (I allow guest posting) since then, so I doubt there is a lot of humans doing the spamming. There are at least three different scripts you can buy to post spam on forums, phpBB and others, and all three are able to read and solve the supplied visual confirmation challenge. How they do it isn't important, what is important is that they can do it and to stop them you have to do something different, hence the three current topics on stopping the bots:


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