Admin access to Private Messages

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Admin access to Private Messages

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As an admin can i access a members Message Box to read there messages?

I can log in as them, but to do that i have to change there password, or is there away to see there password?
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Re: Admin access to Private Messages

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Passwords are one way hashed and cannot be recovered.
There is no admin facility.
If you feel you must violate your users privacy, there is a MOD to give admin read access over PMs. You should inform your users before doing this.

You can also read the posts directly from the database, a little tricky but it can be done. Again, not a good idea to be reading your users private messages without letting them know you can.
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Re: Admin access to Private Messages

Post by Jim_UK »

I am sure that if you search the site then you will find similar requests to this. Such topics always turn into quite bitter arguments over the rights/wrongs of such behaviour so I am going to pre-empt that by closing this topic now. Either do a search to find your solution or check over here where I know such a mod exists.

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