Who hosts your board?

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Who hosts your board?

Post by beernuts »

Hi all, I know that some of you have very large boards. I was wondering who hosts you? My board is on what I thought was a reliable server, but we have 20 users and 500 posts, and we're already starting to see problems. Thanks for your time. Please only reply with hosts you would unequivocally recommend, AND only if your database has a lot of users.

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Post by hsim »

our host hosts us :P

we've got 16954 Posts and 999 registered users (no joke :!: ) and we're hosted by one2one but I guess that's a german host only ;)
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Post by Bearpaws »

I do mine inhouse.... using both win2kadvserv and RH7.2.

The current forum is www.amberorder.com and the development/buildout server is at cave.amberorder.com.

The linux box runs apache, windows runs IIS5.0.

Linux = 800 mhz PIII
Win32 = 400 mhz PII

Needless to say, Linux is way faster. They share the same database, and the average pagegen time is .41 on win32 vs .13 on Linux.

Anyway, for those who are interested in such things... <g>


Roger Moore
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Post by Roger Moore »

My website www.pchelpisus.tk is hosted on a FREE server, www.host.sk

No ads, and its very fast!


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Post by kubin »


$35 for one year, and nice & fast. before nuking (when i upgraded), my 1.44 board had roughly 3,000 posts on it, and page draws were always under 0.5s, usually under 0.1

only catch is you get 2G of xfer per month, $7 per gig after that. if your board is high-traffic, it'll get you. but if you have a moderate-traffic board (like myself), it's a great host. my board is in my sig, if you wanna take it for a spin. :)
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Post by CuriousGeorge »

Prostream.net can host large php websites with no problem. Before I took my board down (internal reasons) we had no problems. The prices are very competitive and tech support is very accessable (phone, e-mail and chat).


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Post by WARPed »

Featureprice does mine;
plans starting at $59.40 a year, 50megs drive spac/6gigs traffic a month.

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Post by Pammi »

Rochen Hosting does my service for me and I absolutely love them. The board is quick as lightening, and they are back with me in a matter of minutes for technical support. I looked for awhile to find the right one for my first hosting service and I've certainly found the right one for me.

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Post by bdl »

WARPed wrote: Featureprice does mine;
plans starting at $59.40 a year, 50megs drive spac/6gigs traffic a month.

Yeah, I was gonna suggest FeaturePrice, they seem to have the most bang for your buck. I have a buddy that hosts through there, seems to work very well for him.

[edit] I just checked their website again, and I noticed something for the first time, they only offer MySQL with the Premium Plan and up ($ 203. a year). Ouch. [/edit]
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Post by zdwebhosting »

for most of you all like I once was alot are skeptical of is this host a real one are they a scam etc...

so if anyone like to try out my hosting for a few days i can setup a subdomain like testing.zdwebhosting.com and be glad to let you install some phpbb2 and see how you like it

or i host www.utforums.com feel free to see the speed of that but just pm me on these boards or email me on here.

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Post by ThE-UnknowN »

My site www.chatvenue.com (under construction untill phpBB2 is released) is hosted by www.tera-byte.com

Pretty good value for money I think 8) and hardly any problems there 8)
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Post by GSM »

I host my board from http://www.ecommercediscovery.com
Very fast server! tech support really good normally respond to your problem less than 15 munites (main point)


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Post by Kathleen »


we have 10 members but we had a problem already the other day with too many mysql database connections

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Post by Patrick »

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Post by gameofhit »


They have just one plan, 10 USD/month. It seems to good to be true, but so far, everything has been superfast for us, with great support.


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