When will it come?

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When will it come?

Post by Virtuality »

I am so sorry if this is in the wrong forum, I guess it is, but I am a busy man and I can't go check exacly were to post. So sorry if it is :oops:

Well. The next stable relase, 2.1, ABOUT when will it come?
Are we talking days, weeks, months, years or decenniums?
I need no date or something, just wonder very approx when.

I have downloaded the current CVS of it, and it looks very great.
All this new stuff bacically rules!

But it is useless as it is now :-p

I am like sitting on spikes for the release :D

If you cant reply on this, when will the 2.0.5 come then? :-p
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Post by ZoliveR »

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2.1 is just a devlopment release. 2.2 is the next version.
But i don't recommand you tu use 2.2 for your live forum.
2.2 will come when it's done. In waiting, use 2.0.4 last version.
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Post by C-3PO »

Ir's like a woman,it comes when it comes :roll:
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Post by Erisar »

Indeed. By searching, or taking a look at the Progress Report thread, you will see this has been asked (and broadly answered) countless times. No need to have yet another thread about it.

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