[ABD] X-Box360 Elite

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The Persian
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[ABD] X-Box360 Elite

Post by The Persian »

Style Name: X-Box360 Elite
Style Author: Zaid H. AKA The Persian - RedZone & TomorrowsGaming Development
Style Version: 3.0.3 & 3.0.4

Image Image

Style License: GNU General Public License v2

Style Status: Late Development Stages
Expected Release: Early January 2009
Style Colors: Silver/Glossy Dark/Green
Style Base: subSilver2
Style Type: Professional

Scroll below to Download This Style

Available Languages: See Translations Link Below
  • British English
    English United States
Style Description: XboX 360 Elite is a next gen clean, professional looking fixed-width subSilver style. The style features diffrent rotating fixed backgrounds viewable up to 1300px wide and is full-customizable by the user!

XboX360 Elite is a Conversion of the SMF theme Xbox360 Elite, Header & Footer Logos credit goes to and belong to the original SMF & the Theme Author. background images are from google.

Style Screenshots: Premium Edition Shown

Live Demos:
  • Premium Edition: HERE

    Style Extras:
    • Premium or Lite Edition
      2x Editable logos
      Changeable Fixed Background
      Changeable Rotating background Images
      100% basic HTML Menu designed for phpBB functions with user customizable links
      Custom Imageset
      Clickable Forum Rows
      High Quality Design
Tips: Images can be added to 'theme/images/bg' to be included in the background rotation with the premium edition.

Downloadables & Extras:
N/A (non yet)

Style Downloads:
Premium Edition
Description: Fully featured with high-quality rotating background images.

Style Download: Download From Here

Lite Edition Downloads
Description: Faster Background Loads & Reduces bandwidth consumption with single solid color background or two small rotating backgrounds.

To Enable The Lite Edition:
Download the Premium Edition, replace / delete the images inside the folders "bg" located at " > themes > images > " with liter , small sized images for faster loads..

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Re: [BETA] X-Box360 Elite

Post by DellVN »

this link was died , I can't download this style
pls you fix it .

Thanks .
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Re: [BETA] X-Box360 Elite

Post by Erisar »

Download link and demo are both not working. Topic locked. Please PM me to reopen it once you have a working server to host this style. :)
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