[3.0.6] Steam v2

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[3.0.6] Steam v2

Post by »Stefan »

Autor: Happy
Version: 3.0.6

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                  55x18 butoon.psd
                  65x18 button.psd
                  big button.psd
                  forum icon.psd
                  locked button.psd
                  loading animation.psd
                  mini button.psd
                  mini mini buton.psd
                  register here.psd
                  topic button.psd
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Re: [3.0.6] Steam v2

Post by burNN »

Sorry for my bad english!
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Re: [3.0.6] Steam v2

Post by rockanium »

Lol, it actually looks like the steam client.
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Re: [3.0.6] Steam v2

Post by Daniel Exe »

haha, I could see a lot of PC clans enjoying this style. Very familiar colour scheme :)
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