[Release] Vex (phpBB 3.0.12)

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[Release] Vex (phpBB 3.0.12)

Post by RexMundi412 » Sun Jan 12, 2014 5:55 pm

Style Name: Vex
Author: RexMundi412

Style Version: 0.9.1
phpBB Version: 3.0.12
Based on: prosilver

Background: dark grey to black
Text: light grey to white
Links: light blue
Highlights & Alternate Linking: green, yellow & red
Image | Image | Image
Image | Image

Vex 0.9.1 notes:
The style is primarily color and image changes. I left the template files unchanged, so the end user can develop those to their liking. The only edit to template is to "overall_header", to show a different icon pending S_USER_LOGGED_IN.

Vex 0.9.1.zip via MediaFire

Optional Files

Vex Topic Icons
Vex Topic Icons Notes:
These are designed to work better on dark backgrounds and with Vex color scheming in mind. If your board's default style has a light background it is recommended you stay with the default post icons or find a set that was designed on a light background.
Vex 0.9.1 Topic Icons.zip via MediaFire

'Dark Style' phpBB3 Smilies
If you use Vex or a style with a dark background, you may want to use 'Dark Style' phpBB3 Smilies. You can find them HERE.

Vex 0.9.1 Style for Blueimps AJAX Chat
If you use Blueimps AJAX Chat and would like a matching Vex style, well here ya go :D
Notes: Please refer to the readme in Blueimp's AJAX Chat on how to install and apply styles.css.
Vex 0.9.1 Blueimps AJAX Chat CSS.zip via MediaFire


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