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How to Post Development Styles

Posted: Mon May 01, 2006 4:08 pm
by Erisar
We recommend that style authors submit their styles to the phpBB Styles Database, but the alternative is to simply post your style in the [3.0.x] Styles in Development forum. If you wish to do so, please follow the guidelines below.
  • Keep one topic per style. Any updates to the style should be posted in the same topic. Do not create multiple topics for the same style. This also applies to color variations of styles - list each color in the first post of the initial topic.
  • The topic subject line should read: "[Release] StyleName" or "[Release] StyleName for phpBB Version"
    • Example: "[Release] ABCstyle for phpBB 3.0.2"
  • Screenshots may be inserted using the [img] tag. Screenshots should be no larger than 200x200 pixels, and should be hosted on a reliable and quick server.
  • Links to demos should point directly to the demo forum, not the generic website of the author. Registration should not be required to view styles. Users should also be able to download the style without first having to register/post/etc. If you are concerned about excessive bandwidth being used by having the files freely accessible, login details of a generic account on your board must be given in same post as the download link.
  • Links to both the download of the style and the demo of the style must be valid. The Styles Team reserves the right to lock the development topic if either of these links are not working.
  • Topic must include at least one of the following: style download or style demo. If style is being developed on service like GitHub, link to repository instead of download link will suffice.
Jul 26: Added explicitness about color variations.
Sep 14: Added info about freely accessible file downloads.
Aug 27: Changed phpBB version reference.
Oct 11 2008: Adjusted wording due to new dedicated development forum.
Mar 3 2009: Edited wording on some points and added rule regarding dead links.
May 11 2012: Update Styles Database link.
Feb 3 2015: Added rule about requiring ether download or demo link.