[Release] FiProBlack

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Re: [Release] FiProBlack

Post by mdvaldosta »

Try editing the smilies in photoshop and saving them with a dark matte with the same backround color as your forum.

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Re: [Release] FiProBlack

Post by dvdd127 »

thank you for the theme..
we made a minor change to it adding a background image and now parts of every page are unreadable..
how do we resolve this.

we would like to add a background color for these sections but can not figure out how... we want it to be the same color as the background behind the board index link at the top and bottom of the page.

here is a link to our site: http://lokwerkz.com/forum/index.php

thanks in advance.

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Re: [Release] FiProBlack

Post by KarlaJ »

Great theme! I love it. However I have a question. When I look at the demo, and you mousover things it gets highlighted. However its not doing that on my website. Any ideas?


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Re: [Release] FiProBlack

Post by Raimon »

You didn't use this style, but you used ; fisubblack2 .
But for hover you could try the solution on this topic for subsilver based styles ; http://www.phpbb.com/community/viewtopi ... 5#p5914185
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Re: [Release] FiProBlack

Post by Laurent_GVA »

Hello everyone. I want to use the theme FiProBlack. Is very nice !

But, I would like to add a change: change the size of the right hand column to view lesser extent.

How is the process ?

Thank you for your help.

Image for example
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