[STYLEDB] Hestia (phpBB 3.0.3)

For style authors to post and receive feedback on 3.0.x styles still in development. Any development styles you wish to use on your live board should be installed with caution!
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Re: [Release] Hestia (phpBB 3.0.1)

Post by yaw_pakhtoon »

great template

Thanks. :D
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Re: [Release] Hestia (phpBB 3.0.1)

Post by neowolfPW »

Great work.... I'm loving it :D

I have one small query, regarding the text on the index.

The forum titles font seems to be a little too 'squished' or something, its just not as clearly readable as default phpbb3, or even the text in the headings "Forum/Topics/Posts/Last Post".

Could you explain the differences, or how I can get the forum titles like the above headings?
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Re: [Release] Hestia (phpBB 3.0.3)

Post by Arty »


Style has been updated for phpBB 3.0.3

- Updated code for 3.0.3.
- Code was changed to work with Google Chrome and Safari browsers.
- Posts display is now configurable. By editing one variable in ca_config.html you can set posts to display ether all posts in one table, like it is in subSilver, or one post per table, like it is in proSilver.

For list of code changes check out this thread.
Vjacheslav Trushkin / Arty.
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Re: [Release] Hestia (phpBB 3.0.3)

Post by sofox »

I want to add the mod Mini Quick Reply, but didn't find a way. Can you help me?

By the way, it's more comfortable if the Code bbcode have a scroll bar for long content, just like the default style.
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Re: [Release] Hestia (phpBB 3.0.3)

Post by salomon7 »


i'm going to isntall prime quick reply mod , but i did't find this line in viewtopic_body.html from hestia
i need to put this line after that :
<!-- IF QUICK_REPLY_ALLOWED --><!-- INCLUDE prime_quick_reply.html --><!-- ENDIF -->

any idea ?
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Re: [Release] Hestia (phpBB 3.0.3)

Post by Raimon »

Hestia has been released to the phpBB3 Styles Database.
Please continue to post on one of the following Styles Database Release Topic.
=->Hestia Styles Database Release Topic
=->Hestia (blue) Styles Database Release Topic
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