[RELEASED] X-Static Skin v2.1.0 [phpBB 3.0.2]

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Re: [RELEASED] X-Static Skin v2.1.0 [phpBB 3.0.2]

Post by KeithR »

There is an update available from this site:

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Re: [RELEASED] X-Static Skin v2.1.0 [phpBB 3.0.2]

Post by tdjwebdesign »

Thanks a lot!
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Re: [RELEASED] X-Static Skin v2.1.0 [phpBB 3.0.2]

Post by GSARider »

Hi guys, the post new topic buttion, etc don't appear, plus getting the following error message showing in the acp control panel:

Imageset misses “en_us” localization
» X-Static

Anyone help please? New install of the forum here at http://www.ingresspark.org

I have updated all the forum permissions and it works on pro silver btw...

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